WHOW Members

Membership DOES have it’s privileges! By supporting WHOW you’ll gain access to private membership content and communication with other women in our Tribe.

What sort of content is there? There will be a mix of professional education and personal development. And as always with WHOW, a safe and non-judgmental place to learn, teach and grow.

You also gain access to a totally new way to network and build relationships with women all over the world through 100 Coffees.  We have partnered with 100 Coffees to give you another resource for your personal growth and development and a way to connect to find the accountability and support you desire with other women in case you can’t make a live event.

As a member you have the opportunity to share your talents and/or business with our tribe via our quarterly newsletter which currently has a distribution of about 400.

Join us in supporting our vision that every woman deserves to achieve her dreams and goals!


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