Our Mission:

Women Helping Other Women inspire, support and educate one another to live the life you dream about; love yourself for who you truly are; learn from others and share your knowledge.

Our Vision:

Bringing women together to achieve our dreams and goals.

WHOW is not just for women in business!

We are for ALL women.  We believe all women need a tribe of other women who can inspire them, encourage them, and mentor one another to reach for their dreams and succeed!  No matter what the dream is…   Don’t let another day go by wishing you could do something… step out and reach for your dreams!

Who is a WHOW Woman?

  •  A woman who has made the decision to change her current circumstances (whatever they might be) and needs help and/or direction.

  • A woman who has a dream or a goal and needs direction on how to accomplish that dream or goal.

  • A woman who is tired of the constant competition among women or the negativity that may exist in her life and desires a place to be fed emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.

  • A woman who has the desire to give back and help other women achieve what she has achieved.  (whatever that may be)

  • A Woman who has the heart to mentor or serve.

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